Special EP

I applaud anyone who attempts to craft an entire rap project centered around a single work of fiction […] It’s no easy feat to accomplish, but LEX the Lexicon Artist made it feel almost effortless with “Special: A Mob Psycho 100 EP”. A quick 5-track offering, this EP was a delight to listen to from start to finish.

“Special” is a treat for both nerdcore rap fans and fans of Mob Psycho alike. Not only is it an excellent nerdcore project, but it’s a great EP in its own right.” - Alien Renegade, Toonami Faithful


Intense, confident, and a little bit weird…multiply that by ten to imagine her live show.

- Will Harrison, The Unheard Nerd

LEX the Lexicon Artist is Taiwanese-American rapper, writer, and creator Alex Sun Liu. Plagued with self-repression, neurotic ambition, and delusions of grandeur, Alex created LEX in 2016 to shield polite society from her most socially unacceptable attributes, by redirecting them onto the stage instead. With a comically narcissistic persona and a domineering stage presence, LEX delivers surgically precise rapid-fire raps about nerd culture, personal identity, and the depths of the human mind. LEX is ugly and real, and speaks to the minds of misfits everywhere. A larger-than-life portrait and complete self-expression of one 5’4’’ Asian nerd, LEX is the freshest new rapper you’ll hear - “not in spite of being a nerd, but because of it."

photo (c) Eric Molyneaux

photo (c) Eric Molyneaux

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