LEX the Lexicon Artist makes high-energy ego rap.

LEX the Lexicon Artist is the rap project of Taipei-raised, Oakland-based entertainer Alex Sun Liu. A weird Asian nerd-turned-marketer-turned-rapper, LEX enjoys running and jumping around maniacally on stage while surgically administering rapid-fire rhymes about specs, sales, psychology, self-hatred, and her gigantic Raging Ego.

LEX performs regularly within and beyond the San Francisco Bay Area. She has rapped at Emerald City Comic Con, MAGWest, PAXWest, SXSW, and other shows and conventions across the country. She most recently completed a national tour with nerdcore rappers mc chris and int80 of Dual Core. For major ragers, LEX joins forces with Audie Reyes Jr., Chris Songco, Ben Visini, and Jay Kim to form LEX & The Con Artists, a rap-rock outfit of unrestrained energy and infinite dopeness. 

LEX’s full-length debut album, “Raging Ego”, was released on June 6th, 2018 to critical acclaim.

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