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"One of my favorite new emcees in the Bay Area." - Chinaka Hodge, Oakland poet, emcee, & author of 'Dated Emcees'

"I really appreciate her interweaving of rapid-fire tonguetwister rhymes, her irresistible hooks, and her occasional bouts of deep introspection." - Brendan Getzell, SF musician & host of Hotel Utah open mic

LEX the Lexicon Artist writes and performs intellectual comedy rap, aka "smart rap".

In July 2016, Taiwanese third-culture kid, UC Berkeley graduate, and music enthusiast Alex Sun Liu incarnated the Lexicon Artist as simply "the LEX project". She coined the phrase "smart rap" - a style that combines comedic storytelling, complex rhyme schemes, personal lyrics, and sharp-witted commentary - to describe her sound. Inspired by the unorthodox stylings of rappers made famous on the internet, the Lexicon Artist draws heavily on the rapidly rising brand of intellectual comedy rap.

LEX uses flashy vocabulary, multisyllabic rhymes, entertaining anecdotes, and comedic flair to deliver the unique perspective of a third-culture millennial transplant living in the Bay Area. She aims to shock and entertain audiences and Make America Smart Again™.

LEX is inspired by lyrical craftsmen like Eminem, Watsky, Tonedeff, and viral internet sensations like PSY and Pink Guy, among others.