Special EP

I applaud anyone who attempts to craft an entire rap project centered around a single work of fiction […] It’s no easy feat to accomplish, but LEX the Lexicon Artist made it feel almost effortless with “Special: A Mob Psycho 100 EP”. A quick 5-track offering, this EP was a delight to listen to from start to finish.

“Special” is a treat for both nerdcore rap fans and fans of Mob Psycho alike. Not only is it an excellent nerdcore project, but it’s a great EP in its own right.” - Alien Renegade, Toonami Faithful


Intense, confident, and a little bit weird…multiply that by ten to imagine her live show.

- Will Harrison, The Unheard Nerd

LEX the Lexicon Artist is Taiwanese-American rapper, writer, and creator Alex Sun Liu. Plagued with self-repression, neurotic ambition, and delusions of grandeur, Alex created LEX in 2016 to shield polite society from her most socially unacceptable attributes, by redirecting them onto the stage instead. 

With a comically narcissistic persona and a domineering stage presence, LEX delivers surgically precise rapid-fire raps about nerd culture, personal identity, human psychology, and all the things everyone is too afraid to talk about. LEX is ugly and real, and speaks to the minds of misfits everywhere. A larger-than-life portrait and complete self-expression of one 5’4’’ Asian nerd, LEX is the freshest new rapper you’ll hear - “not in spite of being a nerd, but because of it."

photo (c) Eric Molyneaux

photo (c) Eric Molyneaux

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